Andrea Vos-Rochefort

Clarinetist and Teaching Artist

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Harlekin in Motion at Rees E Price Academy

Harlekin in Motion focuses on rhythm and its physical embodiment as studies by Phyllis Weikart have shown the importance of developing the ability to keep a steady beat and its influence on adequate linguistic development. To achieve this aim, Harlekin in Motion introduces rhythmic dance through the medium of classical music using Karlheinz Stockhausen’s “Der Kleine Harlekin” composed for clarinet and “fusse” or feet. The visual nature of the costumed piece and its physical comedy involving scripted movements serves to engage the sometimes hard to impress fourth grade audience. Despite the complex nature of the piece, “Der Kleine Harlekin” proves a ready vehicle for learning rhythmic dance patterns as it contains a rhythmic motive that recurs throughout with some variation. Students are therefore able to recognize the learned pattern in different contexts, perform the patterns, and discuss variation within the framework of a real piece.

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